Keeping Everything Current

Use the power of our CORE Engine to complement your existing process making sure that operations run efficiently and on time.

Air Navigation Service Providers

Ensure that your crew and equipment have the appropriate certifications and qualifications with CORE. Our live viewing interface allows users to monitor data as changes are made.

Aviation Solutions that Matter!

Our team prides itself on developing a diverse line of aviation applications that are designed to evolve with the changing technological landscape of air operations.

Finding software solutions that satisfy all the requirements of your company can seem like an impossible task. While sticking with the old method of pen and paper may help you get by, it may also give your competitors a competitive edge. CORE modules have been created to assist organizations with all aspects of air operations from maintenance inspections, operations scheduling, training scheduling to qualifications and certifications tracking. Our passionate team of developers continue to improve our applications and remain motivated by creating operational efficiencies in the workflow of organizations that require air operations solutions.

With the ability to manage any client, no matter the size, North Orca Technologies Inc. can complement your existing approach to air operations. Don’t just take our word for it, let us show you. Call us now for a full demonstration. Toll Free in North America: 1-855-348-2673 ext. 206