Your Total Outpatient Follow-up Solution.

CORE Health electronic software is designed to increase the percentage of follow-ups currently done by the health system in a more efficient and economical way. Patient follow-ups, surveys and questionnaires are a crucial step in understanding patient well-being. Information obtained through these methods can help health care professionals determine the best method of follow-up treatment for the patient. Providing a convenient method for patients or their family members or care-givers to submit their questionnaires greatly improves the patient’s willingness to participate and helps to reduce the high incidence of re-admission.


  • BETTER PATIENT FOLLOW-UP – means more and better patient self assessment information reaches health care providers faster, allowing for an improved over-all out-patient experience
  • REDUCED COSTS –hard copy surveys sent through the mail are replaced with electronic surveys and assessments, therefore reducing the cost of paper and postage
  • REDUCED COSTS – responses are automatically uploaded to a secure central server reducing the labour cost of manually entering collected data and reducing the incidence of input error
  • LESS STRAIN ON EMERGENCY ROOM STAFF and reduced wait times for patients requiring immediate emergency care
  • REDUCED COSTS – due to the reduced incidence of re-admission credited to better patient follow-up

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