CORE Home Inspector

CORE Home Inspector, a product of EvBase Technologies Inc., gives you the tools you need to perform and create thorough residential property inspections with a tap of the screen.

Software for Businesses Large or Small

Finding software that’s specific to the needs of your company, despite the size of the business, can be frustrating and more often expensive. This tends to result in sticking with the old method of pen and paper to help you get by. That’s an acceptable short term solution, but the reality is, the software you need is available and affordable. That software is CORE (Crew, Operations, Resources and Equipment). CORE has the ability to be tuned to meet the specific needs of almost any industry and/or application. The system incorporates scheduling, qualification management, and contact management features and components that can be custom tailored to your specific areas of business. CORE is a modular system designed to manage and interconnect multiple facets of business operational requirements, in particular, training, inspections and management. CORE systems are ideally suited for business that require:
• Inspections
• Training scheduling
• Qualification Management
• Contact Management
• Staff or Student Assessment
Programs are available with preloaded templates in Home Inspection and Driver Training (just click on the links in the navigation bar at the top of the page), however our programmers will take your current document and convert it to an electronic format (right down to the exact .pdf form you currently use) for much less than a custom program would cost. Electronic assessments can be done on any device, using any operating system (tablets, cell phones, android or iOS) Our company, North Orca Technologies, is Canadian owned and operated and all programming is done in-house. If our off-the-shelf systems are not quite what you are looking for, please visit our “Enterprise Solutions” area for information on customisation and development, or call us toll-free within North America at 1-855-348-2673.