Constant Operations

The CORE Qualification Manager gives your organization the tools needed to create, assign, forecast and track the qualifications of all your resources, equipment and operations personnel.

Proper Training Management

Designed as the ultimate training scheduling system, Training Schedule Manager gives you automated tracking of training requirements and the ability to allow schedulers to create and manage schedules quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Cargo Products that make sense.

Follow the path to success. Make sure that your air operations personnel have access to software trusted by leaders in global aviation. CORE (Crew, Operations, Resource & Equipment Software) supports proficiency- based training, scheduling, inspections and evaluations through data collection and analysis, crew resource management (CRM), and data-driven quality control processes for monitoring, validating and maintaining the effectiveness of operations performance standards. CORE can track the qualifications of employees, instructors, and operations personnel that are subject to program specific requirements. Our system allows for the efficient management of air operations by improving access to the methods and technology used by today's aerospace professionals. Through the archival preservation of operations data, accessing historical records will be made easier, enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflow though this comprehensive web-based content management system.