Shift Trade


TRiM allows you to manage all of your employees schedules but when it comes time to have instructors fill those positions they aren’t always available. An additional feature added to TRiM is Shift Trade. This allows Instructors to be able to exchange shifts with other instructors with the same qualifications. This is designed to reduce the amount of time that administrators spend trying to fill shifts when an employee is sick or cannot make their shift for other acceptable reasons.

There are two sides to the Shift Trade system. The administrator panel is used to ensure that instructors are not being double booked and that shifts can be equally balanced between available employees. The Web interface is used by Instructors to offer and accept shift trades. The shift trade console is easy to use and access. Everything that you need is all in one place. Browse offers, create a new offer and check all alerts that are relevant to your shifts. Integration with your TRiM Web Portal makes it simple to learn.


Shift Trade is very simple. To accept a trade, Select the shift that you would like to accept and select the Accept button. To select multiple shift trades at the same time hold the Shift key while selecting trades. To deny a trade you can select the Rejected button after selecting the trade that you wish to deny. It’s just that simple. Your schedulers will love the limited amount of time they no longer have to spend taking phone calls. Additional notes can be added to a trade to tell the user more information about the shift or just general discussion notes. Notes on the Pilot can also be added to this area.