Qualification Manager


The Qual module a single resource in TRiM that is the center piece of maintaining your records. With Everything from Documentation Logs, Training Logs, Experience Logs, Status Monitoring, Communication Methods and Preferred Slots the Qualification Center has everything you need.

Navigate into the General tab and you gain access to Employee information such as type-ratings and Date of Birth. You can manually override a users TRiM web password from this screen too. Define a users Operational Roles and Company Seniority all from the same screen. Save your changes and the window will remain open so that you can update the other tabs of the Qualification Center.

TRiM Qual enables proactive alerting of the expiration of resource certifications or qualifications, notifying administrators when it is time to update certifications, qualifications, servicing, repairs or undergo an inspection. Know when a resource has expired with TRiM Qual a custom defined automated warning system will let you know. Have TRiM Qual track qualification documentation and let your business run smoothly. Combine Qual with our other enterprise modules to track and streamline operations as they’re happening.