Training Assessment Manager


CORE Training Assessment Manager (TAM) provides you with the ability to perform grading and assessment in cockpit with no external connections. With the ability to have tablets and mobile phones disconnect from external signals our product is eligible to  be used in cockpit while flying, not just in the simulator. Work through a variety of processes with built in checklists for easy reference. Students can be accessed and when complete the data is instantly accessible for reporting. No double entry, no mistakes. With more than a decade of experience in the airlines industry we have determined specific needs that pilots and instructors expect. Our revolutionary new software application is just coming to market some of the largest carriers in the world are already using our software. What is holding you back?



CORE TAM is the ideal solution for simulator training and was developed specifically to streamline aircraft operations. Organized through a convenient central server, CORE TAM is designed to save you time and money by cutting administrative costs and time spent on manual data entry. Airlines are doing away with pen and paper, and instead, setting administrator permissions for their staff and instructors to access to our web-based application. CORE TAM is web-based, requires no downloads and runs on any device with an internet connection and browser.

In addition, all completed pilot evaluations are automatically uploaded to your server – virtually eliminating the need to re-enter results after a lesson or exam. With CORE TAM, pilot assessment is as easy as a tap on a screen. Your evaluation criteria is always current, customizable and readily available for review and distribution via our detailed reporting system. Want to track specific routes using GPS? Look for trends, patterns and anomalies with your pilots past and present? These are just a few of the many features offered by our new and advanced CORE TAM!