SkedMax - The New Standard in Training Scheduling for Flight Schools
Are you a flight school operator looking to grow your business without the need to buy more aircraft?
Do you want to reduce your fleet and maintain your current level of service?

  SkedMax is a new flight school training scheduling software to help you maximize your aircraft fleet utilization by creating a better flight training schedule that minimizes down time. SkedMax is also an incentive program for students and pilots to book flight time during non-peak hours, last minute cancellations, weather changes or any ad-hoc situations where your aircraft are on the ground and not flying.

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  SkedMax Features

Innovative Template Designer
Generate efficient schedules easily by creating, editing, and organizing templates.

Personalized Experience
Use specialized menus to customize SkedMax with extensions for a unique experience.

User interface
Experience improved visuals with new clear-design icons and 4K enhancements.

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