SkedMax – The New Standard in Training Scheduling for Flight Schools


Are you a flight school operator looking to grow your business without the need to buy more aircraft?
Do you want to reduce your fleet and maintain your current level of service?


SkedMax is a new general aviation flight training scheduling software to help you maximize your aircraft fleet utilization by creating a better flight training schedule that minimizes down time. SkedMax is also an incentive program for students and pilots to book flight time during non-peak hours, last minute cancellations, weather changes or any ad-hoc situations where your aircraft are on the ground and not flying.



An optimal flight training schedule is achieved by:


  • Templating
  • Flight Staggering
  • Intelligent Gapping
  • Aircraft Pooling
  • Student & Customer Incentives (Bonus Points)
  • Flight School Operations Efficiency – FleetCaptain
  • Email/SMS Notifications


Booking templating is a breakdown of what happens in terms of time and events in a flight booking.





Flight Staggering
Staggering training flights means more flight  time and more flight time means increasing revenue. Staggering your flight training schedule can also help spread the workload of dispatch/customer service staff when processing flight arrivals.


With SkedMax questions for school operators becomes:


Should I reduce my fleet and save money?

Do I keep my fleet of old aircraft or have fewer newer aircraft?

Should I lower my rental rate and be more competitive?


For the answers to the above questions please visit: